Q: Do we need to pay to meet you for the first time.

A: No, your first meeting with us is free. At this meeting, we will gather as much information as we can to best understand your situation. At this time, we will provide you with information on the likely costs of preparing advice, any implementation charges, and likely review costs. We will not proceed without your consent and will clearly explain any charges to you up front.


Q: How are we charged?

A: You will be charged a Plan Preparation Fee. In the plan, we will outline our recommendations to you, encompassing our strategic and personal advice specific to your situation. The plan fee is payable at the time we present the plan to you.

Should you wish to proceed and implement the recommendations, there may be an implementation fee which will be agreed upon at the first meeting, often this is incorporated into the initial plan fee. This will generally be deducted from your investment or paid from product providers. We do not receive any commissions from investment products we recommend.

We sometimes charge an annual servicing fee to ensure your plan remains on track. This can either be as a percentage of your investment or as a flat dollar fee. Generally those on annual service agreements have a minimum twice annual review.

Please refer to the Financial Services and Credit Guide for our Fee Schedule.


Q: Is my information kept private.

A: Absolutely. Your information is maintained in a secure manner in accordance with the National Privacy legislation and the AMP Privacy Policy Statement which can be found at www.amp.com.au or by calling 13 12 67.


Q: Once a plan is in place, is it possible to make changes?

A: Yes, generally speaking, the plan we construct for you encompasses our strategic advice. In most cases, flexibility is a key component to the success of the plan or advice. By flexibility we mean, the ability for your portfolio to be changed and to adapt to meet your changing needs and situation.

To the extent that products are purchased and investments made, it is only legislation restrictions that will prevent you from making any changes required. Also, each product will generally have 14-day a cooling off period available to you.


Q: Will I only be offered or recommended AMP Products?

A: No. The most important element within any plan is the strategy. This does not involve any product advice, it relates to what strategy should be taken and what is available, rather than any products used. For eg., we may recommend that you use additional surplus income to reduce your mortgage or other debt. We are not recommending any products in this case, but rather the strategy of reducing your debt is what is important.

In implementing such strategy's, we will generally recommend an appropriate product or products that will enable the strategy's to be appropriately implemented. This may or may not involve AMP products.

AMP does provide us with the licence and product range we can advise on. However, we have a large product range with which we can choose from separate from AMP's branded products.


Q: Will you help me/us implement the advice?

A: Yes. We add value in 3 main areas, making appropriate strategic and personal recommendations to you, implementing those recommendations; and maintaining those recommendations as it relates to your changing circumstances.

If you choose for us to help with the implementation of the advice, we are glad to. In fact, we think it is essential for most clients, as s strategy only works if it is implemented and utilised correctly. In this way, we become your financial project managers. We ensure that it all happens the way it's meant to.

For the charges relating to implementation, please refer to the Fee Schedule in the Financial Services and Credit Guide.


Q: Will you help me with Centrelink, and coordinating the advice with my accountant or solicitor?

A: Yes. We are more than happy to liaise and deal with Centrelink with you, or on your behalf. We will also contact your accountant, solicitor, conveyancer and so on to ensure your financial situation is appropriately coordinated.


Q: What if I only want advice in one particular area, such as "buying a home and getting finance arrange", or "changing jobs", or "insuring my home and contents"? Do I pay the same as someone who wants comprehensive advice?

A: You can opt to just receive advice on a specific area, and as such, will only need to pay for the advice you receive. You can select the level of advice that you want, and the costs will reflect this. Please refer to the Fee Schedule in the Financial Services and Credit Guide.

Our Solutions

At various times in your life, changing circumstances will affect your financial situation. At such times, appropriate advice is important, such as at the following times:

  • Approaching retirement
  • Staring a Business
  • Making a Career Move
  • Going from 2 Incomes to 1
  • Having a child
  • Wanting to buy your first home
  • About to enter the workforce
  • Recipient of an inheritance or a windfall
  • Separation or divorce
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