Budgeting is in many ways the most fundamental and effective financial management tool available to anyone - its simple and costs nothing. It's important to do whether you are an individual, family or a business.

A budget is basically a money plan. It anticipates what income you will receive and what expenses you will incur going forward. Once done, you can organise and control your financial resources (your cash flow and assets), set and achieve realistic goals, and decide in advance how your money can work for you. In this way, a budget allows you to plan with confidence what you need to do, and when.

A budget will allow you to take advantage of opportunities, because you will know whether or not it is affordable - you will not need to guess or wonder. Inevitably, when doing your budget for the first time, you will find extra money, by realising where you may be wasting money, and by spending your money more efficiently.

We can assist you in:

Providing you with a budget Spreadsheet or Word Document guide you through the process.
Preparing your budget for the first time.
Providing constructive advice on how your budget can be improved.
Helping you review your budget.

For a copy of an Excel Spreadsheet click on

PWG Budget Planner (Excel)
PWG Budget Planner (Word)

A Budget can deliver you the following:

Identify possible opportunities -for you to take advantage of, in both saving money and investing.

Know What is Going on -Have a clear understanding and commitment going forward of your situation.

Anticipate Cash flow Shortfall's - Identify any times where you may have a shortfall of income, so that we can work around this.

Save you time as your finances will be better structured and more organised.

Find Extra Money - You will almost certainly find extra money, by saving on interest and hidden fees, and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Communicate Better - Your family, business and financial partners (your financial planners, accountant's etc) will better understand your position. This can help solving personal differences and enable our professional expertise to better assist you plan your financial future.

Feel More Organised - Invariably you will have a system, find things easier, and be on top of things.

Our Solutions

At various times in your life, changing circumstances will affect your financial situation. At such times, appropriate advice is important, such as at the following times:

  • Approaching retirement
  • Staring a Business
  • Making a Career Move
  • Going from 2 Incomes to 1
  • Having a child
  • Wanting to buy your first home
  • About to enter the workforce
  • Recipient of an inheritance or a windfall
  • Separation or divorce
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