Investments and Savings

Investing outside of the superannuation environment is often done with a purpose or goal in mind. Whether this be saving for a property purchase, putting aside money for education costs or developing a passive income stream to support your living expenses, its important to consider the time frame around your goals when choosing the right investment vehicle. And your own tolerance to the risk and return trade off.

PWG is able to help put a framework around your investment goals, some of the most common avenues of investment advice needed that we see are:

  • Purchasing a property and the associated variables people need to be aware of;
  • Utilising managed funds to save for a variety of purchases;
  • Investment, education and funeral bonds;
  • Taking advantage of a business opportunity;
  • Accumulating wealth and making money work for them!

Our Solutions

At various times in your life, changing circumstances will affect your financial situation. At such times, appropriate advice is important, such as at the following times:

  • Approaching retirement
  • Staring a Business
  • Making a Career Move
  • Going from 2 Incomes to 1
  • Having a child
  • Wanting to buy your first home
  • About to enter the workforce
  • Recipient of an inheritance or a windfall
  • Separation or divorce
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